Monday, December 3, 2012

Overwintering Update - Ferns

 Somehow along the way I started "collecting" ferns. I once had a wonderful Boston fern, but then he decided he didn't like me and died. That was the only real "investment" fern I ever bought (you know, the $16 and up kind they start selling in the Spring). No, as with the rest of my plant "collections", my ferns are all Clearance Rack Orphans. So far they are happy, as long as I watch the watering.

I really need to come up with some sort of watering schedule for all of the plants. You would think I would have done that by now...

In the front are my two, big, Staghorn ferns that I am REALLY excited about. I've been searching for Staghorn ferns for a while, and after ordering one through the mail, I've found several at the big box stores. As soon as I find some sphagnum moss, I have a cool project in the works for them since they are epiphytes and do not technically need any soil. In nature they would be growing upon a host plant (usually a tree) non-parasitically, and getting all of their moisture and nutrients from the air around them.

These two Bird's Nest ferns got a little too much sun this Summer and suffered. I cut them back and they are doing pretty well. I do, however, need to read up a bit on their potting medium.

Slowly but surely they are bouncing back. Bird's Nest fern (Asplenium nedus) cannot be divided as they grow from a central rosette. You can see a new frond unfurling and in the dark center of the rosette a second juuuuuust starting to push up and out (directly beneath the tallest frond).

This type of Mahogany Fern is the newest addition. He requires consistently moist soil and pretty high humidity. The thing is, I'm not sure if he was properly labeled. He doesn't quite look like what I  find online when I look up "Mahogany Fern". I guess I'll just have to watch for new growth and see what color it is!

This poor little Kangaroo Paw fern (Microsorum diversifolium) almost died this summer as well, and I blame the drought. He is doing very, very well, and needs to be re potted to help freshen up his soil. I believe this fern is an epiphyte like the Staghorn ferns, so I may see if there are some other potting options for him. 

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