Thursday, December 6, 2012

Taking a Break

My Grandma Norma passed away on Tuesday, so I'm not going to do too much blogging this week. She was a wonderful lady who always (aside from maybe four or five years)lived within walking distance of my mom and dad. When she lived right at the end of my street I used to go to her house rather than the hockey games and watch Designing Women or Golden Girls, and read all the tabloids she bought. Needless to say, this was much more fun than some old hockey game. She, my sister, mom and I had a standing Tuesday lunch date for years, and I remember one Grandparent's Day at school when I suddenly wanted out of there like no body's business and she took me back to her house even though I'm pretty sure she knew I wasn't sick.

Grandma had recently moved back into Brentwood for the third time, moving in with my parents and giving their cats (and sometimes my dad) hell. We all miss her already, but I know she's with Grandpa Dudley again, and she's been waiting on that for quite some time.

Small town girl in the big city. Grandma went to work at GE in her teens, coming in all the way from Yoder (which she used to tell me was "pretty rough" in her day, which made me laugh since it seemed like a little country town we passed on the way to visit Great Grandma Johnson). 
There she met Grandpa Dudley, who grew up right down Broadway from GE (his house is still there). This was her engagement picture taken after Grandpa Dudley came back from the South Pacific where he was stationed during the War.

February 12, 1949. They were married at Emmaus Lutheran Church. Check out that icing!
Then came the kids. Reading to my mom and uncle. Every part the 1950's homemaker! 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Matt! It isn't easy losing a loved one. Take all the time you need.