Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, "My" New Bar Cabinet

Remember how cool my friend Abby is? Well, she has upped her cool factor once again. In the ongoing Penthouse Restoration, I'm always happy to find perfect pieces (because I feel that everything in the Penthouse should be the best), or have others find perfect pieces for me. Abby, who happens to be president of the Penthouse Acquisitions Committee, has been trying to get me to take this bar cabinet for quite a while. I, however, was stubborn, saying it was just too good to take away from her. An agreement was finally reached, and this cabinet is now on permanent loan from the Abigail Peterson Foundation's Collection of Decorative Arts. The deal is, if ever I cannot use it, it goes back. It is NOT mine to sell, so don't even ask me for a price.  
Neat and tidy. Like a steamer trunk. Notice the original casters! 
Wonderful (slightly dusty-renovations continue) hardware.

And yes, a lock and key.
Once the top is folded back, there is more space for liquor bottles, as well as cut-outs for the stemmed glasses to sit. I was worried about this, as sometimes people get a wee bit tipsy at Penthouse functions, and a reckless setting down of a heavy bottle into a glass could have spelled disaster.

Thankfully, my stainless trays fit perfectly into this space, and the glasses can be displayed safely beneath the shelf.

Honestly, it's like these trays were meant to be a part of this cabinet. It also adds quite a bit of glamour.
Down below are two more shelves. The top shelf had another holder for glasses that I removed (it was bending slightly and I was afraid of it snapping) and stored at the back of the bottom shelf. Plenty of room for everything I already had, plus some room to grow!

My brassy cocktail shaker is quite at home.
The cabinet also came with a collection of swizzle sticks.


As well as a very Continental collection of matchbooks.

All stocked up and ready to go.

And it sits ever so perfectly in the corner. I guess now I have to have a party...