Sunday, August 26, 2012

Perennial Planting in the White Garden is Finished...For Now

Several weeks ago during Main's half off sale we purchased a LOT of Feverfew and Obedient Plants for the White Garden. Last week I finally finished planting everything, as well as replaced the lilac that died this Spring. Next up we will begin the Fall bulb planting. For now, however, all of the plants are in the ground, and a bit more weeding has been done. Thankfully as I write this rain is on the way, and the Garden is in desperate need of another good drink.

I bought this monster snowball bush for $8, and it won't be too many years before it is a real monster. I can't wait!
Little Feverfew plants tucked in along the edge of the front corner bed. 

More continuing around the corner.

And a few on the opposite side of the path. My little Japanese Anemone (between the two little Feverfew plants on the right) is still trying his best to grow. Maybe next Fall he will be blooming happily
Too cute. They should make a nice show next year. It can be invasive because it easily self sows, so I'll need to stay on top of deadheading (though this fall I might let it go so it will spread a bit). Under perfect conditions it will be about 18"-24" tall, so everything behind it needs to really start growing!
The Obedient Plant seedlings are doing great. Another one that will need to be kept in check, I like that they will be rather tall, as well as having a late summer into fall bloom time. These were planted about a month ago and already have a lot of new shoots.

Up on the bench (that is in dire need of repair and painting) all of the amaryllis are enjoying their final days outside. Soon it will be time for them to head into the cabinet to force dormancy for six or eight weeks.

The bulbs have really plumped up over the Summer.
All in all, things continue to come together. The rabbits have made a feast of the White Coneflower leaves, but have left the stalks and flowers alone. 

This front corner seems finished at last. The snowdrop anemones are still doing well, and sending up a few surprise blooms as the weeks go by. And yes, these hostas bloomed white. Like they were supposed to.