Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Toad Lilies!

On Tuesday I ran out to Neuhouser's to check out their end of season sale. I was hoping they had some toad lilies left, as it is one plant I've been wanting to add to the Shade Garden but have never been able to find locally. My sister ordered a bare root plant a few years ago, and nothing ever grew. I was lucky enough to run across a table FULL of them. And they were discounted enough that I bought three (and a Bear's Breeches...but that will be for a future post). It was a wonderful day to be out shopping for, and dreaming of, new plants. Plus talking with my friend Marissa is always an added bonus.

I headed right over to Mom and Dad's after that, as I really needed to get started weeding the Shade Garden to figure out where exactly they would be planted. It was a longer chore than I had planned on.
We are really beginning to lighten the load of plants to be planted. Thank God. This entire corner was an overgrown mess, and it took so long to weed that I didn't have time to actually plant the toad lilies. Still, I'm excited to have found them, and mild temperatures over the weekend should bring some good days in the garden.
Gilt Edged Toad Lilies (Tricyrtis Formosana). I love these little orchid-like flowers!

I found three plants that were still quite full of buds that hadn't opened.

What a welcomed addition to the late Summer and early Fall garden. I always love adding late blooming plants to all of the gardens.
I also ran across this little four pack of Creeping Baby's Breath. I guess I'm not done planting in the White Garden...