Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Asian" Two Bean Salad

Another recipe found on Alexis' blog, and a great way to use up the abbondanza of green and wax beans in the garden (the purple beans having given out after a long, and productive few months). I love any sort of bean salad (I can eat Three Bean and Four Bean Salad for weeks at a time), but this was a nice change.

The recipe is extremely simple, and the results are quite fresh and tasty.

See? Lots of beans.

I've been cheating with fresh ginger root again. I never seem to use it up when it's fresh, so I've been using it out of a tube. The funny thing is that now that I always have it on hand, I seem to use it a lot more. Hmmm.

Ingredients for the dressing. Yes, I know the scallions aren't supposed to be in the dressing. Whatever. I read it wrong.

The pictures all suck, but the "salad" is delicious. Already packed up in the fridge, since all bean salads are better the next day.