Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting Ready For Easter...Without Needing to Dye Eggs

Warning: This is a rather Martha-centric post.

I really believe there is nothing more iconic to the Martha Stewart brand then her blue, green, and turquoise egg laying Araucana and Americauna hens (except, perhaps, Turkey Hill itself). Large bowls filled with these multicolored eggs are always seen in her kitchens, her blog, on her television sets, in the magazine itself, as well as in the test kitchens at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She has an extensive flock of various breeds that lay light and dark brown, buff, white, green, and blue eggs (as well as some that are almost pink). 

A few weeks ago David over at Good Things by David did a wonderful post about how these eggs inspired a line of paints years ago for Martha by Mail (a catalog I miss dearly). This reminded me that I hadn't really shared anything about the eggs I've been getting all summer direct from the flock of a co-worker. They are wonderful, fresh, tasty eggs, and many are perfect for Easter decorating...without even dying them. 

Because the season for an abundance of fresh eggs from the flock is sometimes fleeting (in the Winter the hens sometimes slow down a bit) I wanted to hurry and begin blowing out the prettiest eggs in prep for next Easter. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm always thinking ahead. I ordered a Blas-Fix Egg Blowing Kit, something I had been meaning to do for some time now, and went to work. It makes blowing out eggs the easiest thing in the world...and you don't even need to fish out the shells to use the yolks and whites!

Alright, Turkey Hill is probably the MOST iconic image of the Martha brand.

But the eggs are always around. Blown out eggs under a cake dome. What could be easier?
Photo from the Martha Blog

Eggs, eggs, eggs. Another picture from the Martha Blog. I don't have Chef Pierre Schaedelin in my Bedford Gray kitchen, but...

I DO have a large bowl of eggs!

Perfect shades of eggs for Easter.

Now, lets get to work.

The kit comes with a little drilling tool that punctures the shell as easy as can be.

And makes the tiniest of holes. No more using a pin at one end and a nail at the other. With the Blas-Fix (which means something like "blown exit" in German...I think) you only need the one hole.

Here you can see the perfect, tiny hole, as well as how the needle-like tube on the blowing tool fits in.

This is how you actually do it, however. You put your thumb over the top of the bellows to push air in, and out comes the egg!

You then use the same bellows filled with water to clean out the eggs and save yourself from any future smells. It goes really fast, and it is easy to do a few every time I go to make a frittata or quiche, or even just scrambled eggs. I'll save the plain old brown ones for when I need to actually crack and separate the yolks and the whites. I think I should have a pretty good head start on Easter decorations next year.