Monday, October 15, 2012

My New Stephanotis Plants (I Decided to Call One George)

About a week and a half ago another box from Logee's arrived, and of course I was excited. I had wanted to buy a Stephanotis plant, and when I saw special pricing for two, I decided I wanted two even more than I wanted one. They were out of stock. For about three weeks. I blame Martha, since she had posted about the stephanotis she grows at her farm in Katonah. 

I checked several times a week, and finally they were available and I snatched them up. Or, rather, ordered them up. They arrived from Connecticut looking great, as usual, and I potted them up a few days ago. I cannot wait for them to flower!

My two little Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis Floribunda) plants.

New little leaves growing out of the shorter plant.

And more sprouting from the taller plant. Stephanotis can handle iffy light, dry conditions and neglectful watering, so hopefully they will thrive in the Penthouse.

I put a piece of bamboo in each pot to get them started. I can always switch them out for taller ones as they vine upward. These seemed pretty tall, though, and I'm not sure how fast they grow. Have you guessed which one is called George? The short one, of course! George Stephanotis! Now I am patiently awaiting my last shipment from Logee's for the Season. Hopefully it comes soon!