Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall is Falling

Another rainy, overcast Tuesday made me really want to stay in bed. It's been a busy five days, with another busy five to come. I'm exhaustified. I have bulbs to plant, ingredients going bad in the fridge for recipes still unmade, quickly ripening tomatoes to use up, and I sort of wanted to decorate for Halloween.

The view out the Penthouse window seems to say the trees are finally tired, too, and have decided to fall asleep for the winter and drop their leaves to the ground. 

I think I need a nap.

Last Tuesday many trees were still holding tight to their lovely Fall foliage.

Today it seems they have given up. Getting ready for a nice long nap under (hopefully) a nice duvet of snow. It's supposed to be almost 80 tomorrow, but this weekend things really get chilly. The Juncos have been spotted at my Mom's feeders, so that means snow cannot be too far behind.