Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preparing for Winter Cheer

The amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs have begun to arrive, so I grabbed a few bulbs to get things started. I may go back to the Home Depot, as well, because someone planned poorly and they have a lot of amaryllis already budded out and almost blooming-some instant cheer. The paperwhites take about a month to bloom.
I like buying loose bulbs, rather than the kits (I really don't need any more containers-plastic or decorative). On the left is a white amaryllis, though I don't think I'll add too many more new ones this year. I have six paperwhite bulbs packed into the old Martha Stewart Everyday pot, as well as some singles growing in pebbles in low round glass containers. 
All of the other amaryllis that spent their summer in the White Garden are dying back pretty well. A few more weeks in the cabinet and I'll begin taking them out, cleaning them up, and giving them a first watering to begin their bloom cycle once again.