Sunday, November 25, 2012

Replacing My Rosemary

A few weeks after bringing the my potted rosemary in for the winter, I discovered what I am pretty sure was  a scale infestation. Not a good thing, as scale is pretty hard to get rid of without removing the suckers one by one, and as they build up, it is a very time consuming process. Having them in such close proximity with all the other plants overwintering made me nervous, and so I had to get rid of them. The one was a purchase from earlier this year, but the big old rosemary plant has been around for at least 5 years, and it made me a little sad. Lesson learned-be more watchful of my rosemary.

The lucky thing is that now is the perfect time to buy rosemary, as most of the big box stores have them trimmed into Christmas tree shaped topiaries. My mistake was buying one before I shopped around, because then I found one that was much now I have two. 
A rather pot bound plant. 

Pulling out and loosening up roots helps the plant to settle in to its new environment. 

The less pretty of the two plants. This is what one of the stores were selling. Rather leggy and thin.
I gave him a bit of a hair cut in hopes of him filling out, or in, a bit more.

And now I have a lot of rosemary to dry!

On the right is the second purchase. Huge difference. However, after his trim, maybe the little guy on the left will surprise me. I've always had pretty good luck overwintering rosemary. The key is not to overwater. When in doubt, wait another day. Hopefully, by the end of next summer, I will have a pair of perfectly matched rosemary topiaries.