Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas at the Penthouse 2012

 Decorations have been up for several weeks, and at long last I ran around and took some pictures. As you know, I try to change things up a little every year, and I think I've succeeded somewhat. The bathroom looks pretty much the same as it has in the past, as does the kitchen, but the dining room has a different take on the usual woodland theme.

Take a look!

We found this little guy in a box in the attic. My mom thinks it belonged to my Great-Aunt Mary.

I used a lot of the extra glass balls that usually fill the various cloches and apothecary jars to make some swags for the sconces in the living room, spreading the red around.
The polar bears have finally made their appearance after a year in storage. I think they are pretty funny, though Guy says they look like marmots (although I'm not sure Guy really knows what a marmot looks like).

I forgot about these little tinsel lights I had stashed away.

More swags for the winter berry garland.
Extra ornaments and brass candle sticks on a tray.

I found this awesome old ornament in the attic the other day, as well.

My Grandma Norma and her sisters used to make these plaster plaques. They would decoupage the image on, and then, in this case, add glitter.

The usual dining room woodland theme gets punched up a bit with the addition of red ornaments and this awesome vintage tablecloth from "the Archives" (which is what my friend Abby and I call the things I don't want her to sell).

The little feather tree (an oldie from the Martha Stewart Everyday collection at K-Mart) still has all of the woodland creatures on it, but the addition of red all over in the dining room (instead of just gold and silver) really brightens things up.

Filled a porcelain bread basket (from the Martha Stewart Collection, natch) with even more glass pine cones and nuts. I had to search a bit to find little red ornaments that were actually glass. "Shatter Proof" seems to be the wave of the future, and I think they are dumb. I don't want plastic Christmas ornaments! 

The design on the cloth is actually a red poppy, but I think it lends itself to Christmas quite nicely.

And up atop the china cabinet? More creatures from the defunct Martha Stewart deal with Grandin Road.
I love this family of deer. 

Although the fawn looks a wee bit like a llama. 
I found some great prints by Julia Meek at the FWMoA gift shop a few weeks ago. One is of the Wolf and Dessauer Santa and reindeer. This one is of the wreath that once adorned the department store.

A winter berry wreath on the bookshelves. 

No little bird tree this year. They've all been incorporated around the apartment.

More color in the silver tree.

And more birds.
Last year it was mostly all hot pink and red. This year I added more of my older ornaments in green and white and blue. I love it, although I still might try the "old" tree next year. Or perhaps a real one...