Monday, December 17, 2012

Recycled Decorations: Pumpkin Puree

Remember when I posted about fall decorations that can last into Thanksgiving? Well, they have done their job, and now is the time to either put them to use or freeze them for later. Any winter squash will keep all winter long in a cool, dark place, but since these sugar pumpkins take up a bit more room than I want to share I went ahead and roasted and pureed them. It's one of those great jobs to do while you are doing other things.

The Turk's cap and blue Hubbard squash I'll save for some January soup.

(I realized way after I took the pictures how bad they were...a new camera may be coming in 2012)

The hardest part about roasting the pumpkin is cutting them in half. Once you do, scrape out the seeds (and rinse them for toasting).

Into the 425 degree oven they go, cut side down. Make sure you use a rimmed sheet or roasting pan, or something that will keep the juices from running all over your oven. I used a pie pan for the fourth piece because my teeny apartment stove has a teenier oven (I pretend I live in Paris, it's fine) and won't fit a full sheet. Le sigh! Bake them for 45-55 minutes, or until they are soft.

After they are cool enough to handle grab a spoon and scoop out the flesh. It scoops out like butter. Seriously. I let this one get a little brown, but it doesn't matter.

Then puree it in the food processor, easy as pie!

I measured it out into 1 cup (or almost 1 cup) portions to freeze and then pop into freezer bags. They will be perfect to grab for baking, or for making some pumpkin pasta!