Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ugly Critter Proofing

The past two winters we have had a bit of a problem with rabbits (I'm guessing) chewing the kiwi vines that grow on the pergola. The dumbest thing is that they don't actually eat anything, they just chew an almost clean cut and move on to the next thing they want to ruin. They really are nasty little animals. 

On Sunday I took a stroll around the garden (I've yet to burlap anything, and today's snowfall might ruin my chances) and noticed that two of the vines were snapped. I went into the garage, dug around for a minute, and came out with a remnant roll of chicken wire that was just long enough to wrap all of the plants. Hopefully this will help.

Damn rabbits.

Seriously ugly. The base of the chicken wire is bent and hair pinned to the ground. There is a male and female vine on this side of the pergola. After they were eaten down to the ground a few years ago I've been really protective of them. They grow to the top of the pergola, and then get chewed off at the base. So frustrating! 

There is one female vine on the opposite side. A male vine can pollinate up to 8 females. Hopefully  this eyesore of a fence will protect the vines until Spring. Eventually the vines will be large and woody enough that I don't think a rabbit will be able to chew it, but that day seems to be pretty far down the road. Now to try and save the raspberries!