Monday, January 28, 2013

Three Reasons to Celebrate

What a weekend! Ups took the blow away from the downs, and where I thought I would be celebrating two birthdays, I ended up celebrating three. Saturday started with a wonderful dinner at Paula's where we were THAT table. You know, the table that is boisterous, smiling, laughing, toasting, singing...alright, there was no singing, but you know what I mean. THAT table. It's the best feeling in the world. After that there was a quick trip to O's to celebrate another birthday with a drink and some hugs and laughs. From there it was off to Henry's for, well, the rest of the night, really. 

Then very, very, very late (or extremely early) I discovered that a very important baby boy was born a wee bit earlier than planned. But then isn't that always the way?
My dear, darling Kelly. The most fabulous birthday girl in the world.

There's Timo! There's Guy! A perfectly messy post dinner tablescape (you know I hate that word, right?). I even got to run into old friends and and meet some new ones. I had scallops and mashed potatoes with sauteed mushroom gravy, by the way. 

I didn't get any pictures at O's, but Keli (it was all about Kellys and Kelis on Saturday) looked just amazing as ever. I was, however, awake far too early and got a picture of the sun coming up.

And then I finally got to go meet this little man. The long weekend was capped off perfectly. Congrats to Courtney and John! Zaxxon is perfection. And I can tell he likes me already.

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