Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recent Thrifting

Last Tuesday and today I had a few lucky finds. It was almost too cold to even leave the apartment today, but I needed to get out before I went stir crazy, and ran over to the Dove's Nest. They always have some surprises. Last week it was St. Vincent's, Salvation Army, and Concordia Thrift Store. 

Next Tuesday I need to reorganize everything to fit, as well as get some things together to take over to Magpie Vintage (1622 Wells Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808). 

This little vase has a very, very, very slow leak (there was a tiny bit of moisture under it today) but it looked good with  some of the clearance flowers I found at the grocery the other day. Three dozen roses, two bunches of carnations, and a bunch of spider mums for $20!

Last Tuesday I was at St. Vincent's. As I was checking out, the cashier told me I had $6.50 worth of books, but if I filled a grocery bag I would pay only $5. She didn't need to say another word. This is one stack from St. Vincent's...

...and this is a stack from Mom and Dad's. In the never ending reorganization of their house we just keep uncovering forgotten things. Like my mom's high school French book. I need to brush up on my French. There are also a few old gardening books that are probably way out of date, but sometimes you can find some good advice in those old, smudged pages. The gardening books will eventually move back to my parents', someday.

I couldn't pass these cake pans up. Maybe I'll make some Valentine treats.

I love the way this weird little brass shaving mirror looks. It has a hook on the end of the hanging mechanism and hangs right over one of  the sconces.

These Avon (yes, THAT Avon) ginger jars were just cute enough to make the cut. One in white...

...and one in black. 

More pottery that I really don't have room for, but will look wonderful filled with daffodils or tulips this Spring. Maybe especially tulips.

This wonderful Haeger vase is just waiting to be filled with peonies. This is just another amazing find from Magpie Vintage. If you live in Fort Wayne, you really need to take a look (and find them on Facebook)!

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