Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long, Christmas!

I usually wait until New Year's Day to de-Christmas the Penthouse. This year, however, I began packing up the decorations over the weekend until only the tree (and the wreath above my bed I keep forgetting about) remained.

It was a rather lovely, sunny day to wrap and store all the ornaments. After an extremely fun New Year's Eve at the Brass Rail, I was feeling surprisingly well today. Lots of cleaning has been done, with a lot more to do.

But I have all year for that.


  1. I took everything down New Year's Day and cleaned thoroughly. It always makes me a bit melancholy, but at the same time invigorated for the new year. Hope you enjoy a great one Matt!

  2. I am just happy to have the tree down and the full use of the front, south-facing windows for all of the poor plants that are lumping along indoors for the winter. I can't wait to see all of your projects for 2013, and how your gardens will grow! Happy New Year!