Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who Needs a Groundhog? Just Watch the Figs!

It really is amazing how plants work. Even though they are beneath grow lights, the light from the window changes enough from day to night that they can tell when the days start to get longer. Either that or they have a great timer. 

Just a week ago the buds on the bare branches were the same greenish brown they have been all Winter. Then yesterday, during my tri weekly watering rounds, I noticed a leaf. Then two. Then a lot! 

It really is a sign that, despite still having the bleakest part of Winter to get through, Spring is not too far off.

Just beginning to break out.
Blurry picture of little baby leaves on the 'Black Mission' fig I smuggled home from Charleston.
New leaves on the little 'Desert King' fig from Logee's.
The 'Texas Everbearing', also smuggled home from the last trip to Charleston, never lost ALL his leaves. He has, however, really started to fill in. I have him tied because I want to try and sort of braid his branches together like I've seen Martha do at her farm.

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