Tuesday, February 19, 2013

And the Worrying Begins-It's Too Soon!

Drat this weather! The warm bursts are making all of the daffodils sprout early, and then it turns harsh and they are frozen. I've never really worried about daffodils, but this year I kind of am. Yesterday it was almost 50, today it's 26 and windy and snowy. However, there is not enough snow to insulate any of these little bulbs, and even the mulch is beginning to fail. 
These jonquils are pushing the frozen mulch right up off the ground!

These have all pushed up so far that they have been burnt by the freezes.

Some swelling leaf buds on the skeletal frame of the climbing hydrangea show a promise of Spring.

This, however, is crazy. A hyacinth totally budded out in February!

I am hoping for the best for the white azalea in the White Garden. The burlap really should have been in place sooner than it was.

The hellebores are right on time. They don't call them "Lenten Rose" for nothing!

More poor little burnt daffodils. 

The creeping sedums look so vibrant in the cold.

One of the new hellebores. 

Muscari in February is just as disturbing as hyacinths in February.

The defensive wrap of chicken wire seems to be working on the kiwi vines.

It's not pretty, but it seems to be working. Maybe this year they will be able to grow with no set-backs. 

These daffodils are only a bit out of the ground, so hopefully they will be fine. 

These, however, will not be blooming this year. It is becoming more and more challenging to garden in this ever changing weather. I hope the Spring treats us well.

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