Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Easter, Er, Valentine's Day!

It may be Valentine's Day, but Easter is coming fast. Yesterday I was grabbing some poster board at United Art and Education, and while I was there I noticed a little gold leafing kit. And then I started thinking...
I had some lovely goose eggs from my last visit to my friend Tara over at Cottage de Haven. And you know all about the goose that laid the golden egg, right? What could be more perfect? 

I've not used gold leaf since high school, and I imagine there are easier things to gold leaf than eggs. I mean, there is really no good way to set them down after you put the sizing on. By the way, it's not REAL gold leaf, but, rather, a composite. 

Somehow I managed (with some lovely gold leaf fingers) to cover the eggs and then cover with the sealer. A wee bit messy.
But, I think, worth the results. The egg on the left has been sealed, the lumpy looking one on the right needs sealed (and the sealer sort of flattens out the gold leaf mistakes I made). Now where will these go for Easter? Stay tuned...

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