Friday, February 15, 2013

Snapshots Around the Penthouse-Trying Out My New Camera

 I am by no means a photographer, but after four years of using my Nikon Coolpix, and relying more and more on my IPhone (a relic in itself) whenever the Nikon was failing, I have at long last invested in a new camera. It is still just a point and shoot (Canon Power Shot XS500) but it was on sale and it has much higher, well, I don't know. Pixels? Like I said, I'm not a photographer. 

What I do know is that it already takes clearer pictures in the regular light of my apartment without a flash. I still need to read and test all the things it can do, but tonight I was just happy to get the software installed and take some pictures. I think the Garden will look better than ever this year...

Seriously, Sharkey Gray had never looked so true to color on this blog. Please ignore the untidy sofa and pile of coats and sweaters.

A clear shot all the way into the bedroom.
Only the bedside lamps were lit. Usually I would have had to turn on the sconces and overhead (ugh-I HATE overhead lighting) light to have enough light for a picture.

The Winter Garden. Clear as can be.

It took me ten tries to get a shot of the Christmas decorations that were on the dining room sconce. This was just a quick snap.
I still need to practice with the macro setting. 
I am really excited about taking cooking/baking/food pictures again. Ignore the mess.
It's been such a pain lately, but now the light in the kitchen (I don't mind overhead light in the kitchen) seems to be plenty to get clear, bright pictures. 

It seems silly, but I feel inspired again. I know my posting has been lackluster lately, but now I feel like I really want to get going again. If anything, the money spent was worth getting rid of the headaches.


  1. Beautiful space! I'm inspired by your greenhouse!

  2. Thanks, friend! I'm afraid much of the greenhouse is in the late winter slump. Just a few more months til they get to get strong again!

  3. There's nothing like a bit of Wedgwood drabware to cheer one up. It's comforting to have and such a pleasure to use, don't you think?

  4. It IS wonderful. I need to get back to my old habit of buying a bit every few months and watch my collection grow!