Friday, February 1, 2013

Welcome George!

Yesterday I received a phone call announcing the arrival of a new puppy. His name is George, although I decided his show name would be George Kublai Khan Paw Paw Paw (a spin off of Martha's champion chow, Paw Paw). He is a Chow Chow and Australian Shepherd mix (before you comment on how bad Chows are, let me say my brother in law had them growing up and never had a problem, like most dogs, training is of the utmost importance).

With poor Hobbes in the Happy Hunting Ground for some time now, George has some big shoes to fill. 

Junior is pretty excited about his new friend.

He has a lot of markings and a "freckled" muzzle from the Australian Shepherd in him. And pretty good sized paws.
Junior has a new list of chores now, aside from feeding the fish and frog (Doug, Fishy, and Froggy). You can see his somewhat splotchy coloring better here. He does seem to have a Chow's rather straight hind legs, creating a stilted gate. We'll see if this stays true. He has a bit of a problem on the kitchen tile. It's pretty slippery for this little guy.

Playing at sleeping and sleeping. Puppies get so tired so fast. I hope he comes to the garden to visit a lot! He might help scare away the rabbits!

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