Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicago - Just What the Doctor Ordered

After a rather un-wonderful February I decided to listen to my friends and get out of town. A change of scene, meet new friends, see some old ones, and really just have a few days of nothing but fun. All of this happened.

Deciding the Megabus was totally better than paying the over-the-top parking prices for our hotel, tickets were purchased, rooms were booked, and Scotty, Mitch, and I headed North on a rather interesting journey. By interesting journey I mean we befriended a fellow passenger, shared with her our bus booze, and learned, as the booze dried up, that she was an escort. 

Let the fun begin!!!
We arrived, met up with our friends in our hotel room, and hit North Halsted. Hard. North Halsted hit back even harder. In less than five hours we had lost a phone, slipped on ice, and cleared a dance floor. And it was only Monday.

The next morning the winter storm that had been threatening Chicago arrived in what seemed to be a lackluster blast.

Soon, however, we realized it was a strong enough snow storm to require Mitch to need defrosters on her glasses, and Scotty, Mitch, and I to remove our coats outside every shop we entered in order to shake and brake off the crusted on snow. Thank God I packed my boots.
After some shopping we made the second of our daily stops at Second Story. The best little bar in town.

The snow actually got a bit worse, and then turned to rain. Then sleet. Then snow again.

Scotty crafting a chapeau for my new friend, Princess Punahoe. 
She really did look lovely.

Best purchase ever! My friends Bradley and Derek found tickets to The Book of Mormon for $46! Can't beat that price anywhere! The show was hilarious, and it was so great to be seeing a show in such a wonderful old theatre.

It was also fun to be in a big city with a theatre crowd on a Tuesday evening. Notice the snow is gone already? Now to go get a drink...

Bays in Boystown. 

The next day Mitch was gone (having had to leave the night before) and I left Scotty to sleep and headed out to do some window shopping. The Louis Vuitton store had awesome windows that I forgot to take pictures of, but a stroll along Oak Street (Prada, Hermes, Jack Spade, Jimmy Choo, etc.) is always a nice diversion. 

The Jonathan Adler shop had these lovely canisters in the window. 

I love the lanterns outside Marc Jacobs. 

Rush Street looks so tight with all the buildings towering over the little white brick building that houses Pippin's Tavern.

Oh. I didn't JUST window shop.

Trump Tower was cloaked in fog and snow.

Looking East along the cold river towards the clock tower of the French Renaissance-style Wrigley Building built in 1920.

And directly across the street is the 1923-1925 Gothic Revival Tribune Tower.
Late lunch at Second Story!

Back to the hotel for a rest before Syd arrived and we headed out for one more night on the town.

A bite and some pints at Berghoff's. (I actually drank wine)

Off to do some shopping.

Strolling up State Street. 

The Tribune Tower at night.

Running from the Mystic Celt to Sidetrack, we stopped off in some corner bar that said $1 Fireball Shots. Syd ordered them.

Arika with a look of alarm.
Thumbs up! On to the next!

Out on the town. Syd and Arika partied for another couple of hours. I'm pretty sure Scotty and I went on, but I don't want to incriminate anyone. 

Speeding north on Lake Shore Thursday morning to Syd's house. We didn't take the Megabus home. We did, however, have to push her car out of the snow (that apparently never melted because it knew we would need to car). What a great few days!

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