Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Fever

Despite the rather major snow storm on Tuesday (10.5 inches), the knowledge that Sunday's high is forecast at 50 degrees has me itching to get dirty! All of the snow and rain has helped replenish the water table and I pray drought won't be an issue this growing season. I still need to sort seeds and really plan the Vegetable Garden, as well as make some allowance somewhere for a Cutting Garden. I plan to dig all the bulbs in the current Cutting Garden, and really focus on it becoming a Berry Patch.

Hopefully the old saying is true, and March came "in like a lion"!

Outside the heavy snow is still clinging to the evergreen branches. I'm surprised none of them have snapped.

Inside I went to work cleaning all of the dirty pots from some of the plants I lost the Overwintering Battle with, including to citrus trees. Everyone was scrubbed clean and then soaked in a bleach and water solution to kill any bacteria. They were left to air dry while I went out to play in the snow.

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