Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Little Spring Color for the Window Boxes

 Plans for changes in the Garden are really beginning to add up. The Cutting Garden / Berry Patch is going to become much more dedicated to berry production, which means all of the allium, Dutch iris, hyacinths, and tulips will need to be dug and relocated. An actual fence is also in the works as I am at my wits end with critters chewing down the raspberry canes. Honestly, have you ever heard of such a thing! 

This, then, means we will need a new Cutting Garden somewhere. I think there is some room outside the Vegetable Garden, or, if my dreams of a new tiller come true, perhaps a nice long, narrow bed at the edge of the yard. I also still have the South Border to deal with (I know, I've been attempting to deal with this for three Seasons), so maybe it could become a combo perennial and cutting bed. My real goal this year is to deal with what we already have. Many things need divided, every bed needs some sort of edge (angled brick pavers, preferably), and the Long Border needs to be reworked and perhaps join two of the smaller beds. I was very inclined to symmetry when we began designing the garden, and now I've changed my mind. Naturally.

All of this, however, will need to wait. It is too early to really do much in the beds, and I want to wait until after the bulb bloom to begin relocating anything. So today I was quite happy to get my hands a little dirty. My mom and I made a quick trip to Lowes and I bought some pansies. The view out the Penthouse windows is suddenly less drab. 

The leftover petunias really weren't an eyesore when they were covered with snow. Yesterday, however, they were getting on my nerves.
A pretty little pansy.

Now the view is much nicer.
A welcome change for less than $8. 

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