Friday, April 12, 2013

Final Overwinter Update (I Hope)

Last week I was noticing how out of hand the "greenhouse" had become. There were dirty pots of failed plants laying about, as well as some flower stalks and dead leaves that needed my attention. There were even a few plants that had been languishing in their (gasp) plastic pots! 

So I took a few hours one night to check everyone out and water everyone well, with just a low dose of fertilizer. I really do hope moving day for the overwintered plants arrives as soon as I think it will!

This is the Chicago Hardy fig that had been tossed in a corner of the garage at the end of the Fall. I brought him home and he is doing great. I believe figs may be a new focus for me. They are much more forgiving than citrus, and seem to like a cycle of dormancy. There are many kinds I've yet to get, so watch out! This one also looks like a good candidate for a braided trunk...
I had some clearance philodendrons to pot up. On the left is 'Autumn', and on the right, I'm guessing, is 'Moonlight'. Both are "self-heading" which means they will not climb or sprawl like a vine. These will remain houseplants and not take the trip to the Garden for the summer.

Spent flower stalks on the amaryllis and aloe, as well as some old leaves that needed to come off the banana.

While cleaning up I found two enormous elephant ear tubers I had forgotten all about. They were already getting new little pups, so I hurried and tossed them into some containers, covered them with dirt, and watered them well. They are destined to return to the two big planters at the entrances to the Garden.

Suddenly the "greenhouse" is much more tolerable. I still have a ZZ plant to pot up, and some staghorn ferns I hope to mount and hang on the wall, but for now I'm happy. Some potted up tree peonies, and the two elephant ears have crammed their way in, and the geraniums have taken the place of the figs. The poor agaves really need some heavy sun, as they are leaning dreadfully towards the grow lights (You can see one in the top right corner).
And where have the figs gone? Only to bask in the longer days in the South facing living room windows. In no time at all they will be outside. I hope. 

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