Sunday, April 21, 2013

Shopping Along Belmont

Last Sunday was, perhaps, one of the longest days of my life. But in a good way! We had run up to Chicago for a few days to celebrate some birthdays, go day drinking with costumes, and enjoy the absolute perfection of Sydney's welcoming views on house guests. She made us feel oh so at home. Maybe a little too at home.

At any rate, Monday found us all rather recovered and ready for a quiet night of dinner out and a few drinks. That didn't exactly happen, but I'm not going to bore you with photos of the tomfoolery we involved ourselves in Monday night. Before any of that, however, we did some shopping.

A quick shot out the fourth floor of a designer/shoe/army surplus/thrift store. Each level  had it's own specialty.

Lunch with the ladies (as Mr Miller was unable to leave the sofa). Alex is making a face. Nobody wanted to do a shot with me. Oh well.

Back to shopping. I wanted to buy this American Apparel hoodie for Izzy, but decided to buy some scarves for myself instead.

After Alex headed back to the apartment, Syd, Keli, and I strolled way down Belmont to where it becomes much more residential and full of antique shops. We went in a few, but I loved Good Old Days Antiques. The gentleman working was so friendly and asked if we had been in before and told us there was more in the basement and up on the second floor. At another shop we barely had a "hello".
The basement was fabulous! I instantly regretted the fact that I was taking three people home with me. Alright, that's a lie. I love the people I was taking home...but MAN I wanted to buy some furniture!

Some great typewriters. And there were so many large old crocks that I NEED for my kitchen. There was a lot of stuff, but everything was pretty organized. I found a Guy Wolff pottery vase, but set it back down. I instantly regretted that move.


There were several cool hall trees. 

Lots of memorabilia (sorry about the picture)

I die for this chair (and die of embarrassment at my finger in the shot).

I don't have any floor lamps, which reminded me that I have one much like this at my parents' house somewhere. Perhaps it needs to come home with me.

And then the news just began to come in about Boston. I watched for a minute the horrors occurring in my first "City Love" while standing in a wonderful shop in my perhaps more realistically achievable current "City Love".

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