Monday, May 13, 2013

Early Spring in the Shade Garden

Just a few weeks ago the early Spring bulbs were just beginning to push up out of the ground. Time flies so fast! I think we are really beginning to do a good job of planting for a succession of blooms. Sure, most of the daffodils bloom in about the same 1-2 week period, but some start a bit earlier, some a bit later, and some are actually just starting! The same is true with the tulips. It seems all of the striped tulips we planted, no matter the location, were the last to bloom. Maybe I should just pay more attention to what I'm planting. 

Anyway, here's a look back at how quickly things change. Especially when you get a little heatwave.

The river of blue muscari lining the Shade Garden. It grows thicker every year.

This picture was taken on April 27. Wait until you see the "Ten Days Later" pic.

These frittilaria Uva-vulpis was something I had forgotten I planted. There were three little groupings of them and they were a nice surprise.

Love these double daffodils. They looked great once the red and yellow striped tulips opened.

Next up were the peach and darker rose-purple colored tulips. Everything else was still pretty low to the ground, just beginning to come up.

These played off the pink/peach centered daffodils on both sides of the path through the Shade Garden. Boy I need to mulch!

The Solomon's Seal making an appearance for a second year!

One day the Shade Garden was just starting to leaf out. The lily-of-the-valley had appeared slowly, and the the heatwave arrived and...
BAM!!! This picture was on May 7! Everything was up and going. I hurried to grab peony supports, dead headed what daffodils I could, and started paying closer attention to where things were planted as there are a few things I want to move from here to another location, as well as a few bare spots (believe it or not).

The Canadian wild ginger is spreading nicely. There are two clumps on either side of the bath that will begin to create a nice ground cover.

I can't wait to see the new tree peony bloom!

Names, names, names. I'm not good with names. I'm liking the way this unknown hosta looks, though!

And just as the tulips and daffodils fade, aside from the mini 'Cheerfulness' daffodils in the background, the allium begin to bloom. Here we go for round two! Or three? I've lost track.

A too bright picture, but you can see how much the new section has really filled in in just a year. The Japanese maple sent up a new shoot (after the larger portion was pronounced dead by yours truly), and one of the hellebores never showed up this Spring, but all in all things are shaping up better than expected. Now to work on some height in this little area. I'm thinking a pink dogwood and another Japanese maple. And then there is another shady area across the way to begin planning with a wide grass path between the two beds. And a new tree of some sort to pave the way for the removal of the big old locust tree. Plans, plans, plans...

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