Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tilling, Tilling, Tilling - The Vegetable Garden is Ready To Plant

This afternoon I was able to fire up the new tiller and get to work in the Vegetable Garden, as well as a bit of the Berry Patch. The new tiller is a real workhorse and did a great job. I tilled until the gas tank ran dry! 

Now there is a long list of planting to tackle, especially since we are a little behind. Peas went in really late, and a few rows are not germinating very well. Beets, cilantro, carrots, and turnips should all have been planted by now, so I'll try to check those items off the list tomorrow. I also have a few places where the fence needs repaired. I began digging out some outer edges of the beds so I can bury chicken wire beneath the soil and add to the defense against varmints. For one day, however, this was enough.
The big back bed is ready to go. It needs raked and smoothed, but it is tilled about 10 inches deep. A load of compost is needed (in many areas of the garden, not just the vegetable beds), but for now we're good. 

These two beds will primarily be for tomatoes. They've been planted in two different areas of the big back bed, so I need to do a little crop rotation. This will probably only partly happen since I always buy way more tomatoes than I should, but I'm going to try. I also think I could extend a bed on the outside of the fence to perhaps add a few vines.

Lettuce, mesclun, and radishes are all up in the shadiest bed. I think this helps prolong the season before things get really hot, and all of the loose leaf mixes have always done well here. I need to get in there and do some cultivating between the rows.
And already the radishes need thinned. Add that to my list, because right now I need to go to bed since my hands have finally stopped vibrating. 

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