Thursday, May 23, 2013

Vegetable Garden Update

We got a late start in the Vegetable Garden this year because I really wanted to get more soil, and till and amend what was already there. The mesclun and radishes were put in on time, as were the peas (although the germination of two types of pea has been disappointing). All in all, with the long, and it seems cool, three day weekend ahead I should be able to catch up and sow the beets and carrots and okra and dill and basil...oh my!
I went out to the Do-It Best on Dupont Road where I had found the interesting tomatoes last year late in the season, and was not disappointed. The plants all look extremely healthy, and there was a great variety. I want to go back for peppers and some great looking begonias. They are all priced so reasonably! I'm also growing the tomatoes a little differently this year by using some salvaged hardwood posts, sunk about two feet into the ground, as support for the tomatoes to grow upright. The strong twine and tomato clips will support them, and they will get more direct sunlight grown this way. Pruning will be an issue, as I've never pruned tomatoes and you must in order to grow them like this, but I'll deal with that when we reach that point. 

Three healthy plants in a mound with a watering moat around each. This year we will be growing several interesting varieties. Some new to us, some are old standbys. 

We've grown these before. 

A different type of paste tomato.

We've had some success with these.

And great success with these.

A great beefsteak. 

I've never even heard of these!


'Cherokee Purple' is becoming pretty common in many backyard gardens.

The 'Persimmon' still needs a home. I did, however, also plant two Romas. Plus there are still three planters ready to fill with cherry and grape tomatoes. 

The only shelling peas that germinated. 

And the 'Dwarf Grey' sugar snaps always do well. I'm going to resow a few more rows of peas in the next few weeks.

Mesclun in the foreground, than a loose leaf lettuce 'Black Seeded Simpson', and several varieties of radish.

And the lovely border of chives is blooming away. Time to sprinkle some blossoms on a salad!

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