Monday, June 10, 2013


 Each Season of the garden is divided into chapters. Chapter 2 is Daffodils, to really kick things off (Chapter 1 being dedicated to Hellebores). Then the chapter dedicated to Tulips and Hyacinths. Next is a chapter on Allium and Columbines (with Poppies and Iris tossed in, as well). Now we are on the last pages of the chapter entitled "Peony". Such a gorgeously fleeting flower, we always happily make room for more. Here are some of the best blooms of this year's chapter.
I'm pretty sure this one is called 'Blaze'.

Pretty pink in the Shade Garden.

Giant puffball. I think this is a 'Sarah Bernhardt', a pretty common peony.

A double row of white guard petals with a pale yellow center. This one smells amazing.

A bud about to explode!

The other Shade Garden peony. Too pale to be 'Bowl of Beauty', but close.

The pretty common 'Karl Rosenfield'. Smells delicious! 

This one is stinky, but beautiful. Another 'Sarah Bernhardt'.

Remember that bud that was about to explode? It exploded into the most gorgeous peony we grow, in my opinion.

This might just be a 'Shirley Temple'. This is another old, commonly found peony that was planted years ago.
And the flowers start to fade. The two in the Shade Garden are wonderful in that they bloom for a longer period of time. There are three others that didn't bloom at all this year, but they are pretty new and pretty small, so maybe next year we will have an even better show. I also need to take Martha's lead and apply superphosphate to all of the peonies to get the best growth and bloom. Add that, and a few more peonies, to the list!

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