Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trimming the Ivy and Planning Some Changes at the Theatre

Tuesday seemed like the hottest day ever, but it was the only day I could go give the Theatre it's annual "Ivy Trim". Usually this is done in June, and I had really let things go. I only had my phone with me, so forgive the photos!

This should never have gotten this out of hand.

Progress! I do like the ivy falling over the wall a bit.

Especially these nice, white veined Hedera helix vines. Hedera is the generic name for ivy, and helix comes from the ancient Greeks meaning "twist" or "turn".

All cleaned up. I left that little violet growing in the crack at the edge of the sidewalk to see if she blooms next year.

You can even see the built in lights once again!

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to solve this troublesome area. There were once some hostas and a few daylilies and some ground cover. However, with no constant watering through dry spells I'm afraid we've lost almost everything except a few stragglers. This may be a perfect place for a succulent wall.

Especially since we have so much of this guy already growing in another bed! I'm going to work on dividing a bit of this up, as well as some sedum and creepers from my Garden, and perhaps some hen and chicks. It will be a big project, because it's a very long wall, but I think if we can stay on top of the weeds for the first few years, the creeping succulents will grow in in no time! 

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