Thursday, August 15, 2013

Naked Ladies in the Garden!

Naked Ladies, Resurrection Lilies, or Surprise Lilies are all common names for a plant in the amaryllis (not Christmas "amaryllis", which are actually Hippeastrum) family called Lycoris squamigera. The flat, simple leaves emerge in the Spring and then die back. Late July or early August is usually when the flowers emerge.

Last year, with the drought, we had hardly any bloom. This year they have rebounded in a splendid way. Take a look!

In the Shade Garden the bulbs take longer to bloom. Please ignore the thistle in this picture.

Every year we dig some and move some. All of these come from an initial gift of maybe ten bulbs from my dear friend and day lily guru Donna Brooke.

I love their pale pink petals and bright yellow throats. We've moved them in clumps all around the garden. They really bring a lot of color at a time when most perennials are finished blooming for the Season.

This is the original bed where we planted the first bulbs maybe ten years ago. Yikes! Has it been that long?

They've done quite well in this spot.

This really is a perfect bed for them as it is first full of Asiatic lilies, then daylilies, and then NAKED LADIES!!!!

Funny name for such a lovely flower.

They are a long lasting and wonderful cut flower, as long as you cut the stems every few days. They really brighten up any corner of the house.

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