Monday, November 18, 2013

The Last Flower of the Year

Sunday was a strange day. Storms were predicted for the afternoon, and as the morning turned to the noon hour, things seemed to be lining up to be worse than originally expected. Tornado Watches were issued (in November!) and the temperature continued to rise. From the safety of the Penthouse I watched as the storm hit, then slightly panicked as the tornado sirens went off and I couldn't see across the street for the wind and rain. Was a tornado really coming? Where are my shoes? What do I want to wear when I am homeless and all of my other other clothes are blown away? I admit to being a wee bit nervous for a few minutes.

Before all that happened, though, I took a stroll around the Garden.

Hosta leaves flattened by the frost.

One of the Autumn ferns still happy and green as can be.

The skeleton of the climbing hydrangea.

All of the Hydrangea Border was wiped out by the frost. I wish I would have picked those last flowers!

Out in the vegetable garden the asparagus fronds have turned a bright coppery-blond.

The little white azalea needs it's burlap coat soon.
Hey! There's a patch of mesclun looking as good as can be!

So many different colors in the Berry Patch. The gooseberries turned a really vivid red this year.

And there she was, knocked over and shivering. One lonely little delphinium. Of course I took her home.
After the storm the sky was rather amazing. I couldn't see anything in this shot when the sirens originally went off.

So beautiful.

The glowing colors were amazing.

And the entire time that storm was raging and then the cold wind was blowing, the last flower of the year sat cheering up the kitchen counter.

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