Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas at the Penthouse 2013

As I did a little online peeping at some sales on decorations for next year I realized I never posted decorations from this year. Without the tropical plants taking up a third of the dining room I was actually able to add some new trees, as well as host a couple smallish cocktail parties and several drop-ins of friends over on their own for drinks or coffee. It seems as though the Holidays were much busier this year. I guess more people have moved away, which means there are more people to schedule a visit with once they return. Now that the whirl is winding down a bit, I think I need to plan a few more gatherings to brighten up the long, gloomy stretch of Winter we are facing!

Here is a very belated look at my Christmas decorations. I try to change everything up a bit every year, so there are always the same decorations, but usually in different places.
The old jingle bell wreath. I wish I would have bought more colors way back when.

In the dining room there is a new tinsel tree from Martha Holiday at JCP. I used green, gold, and red balls, as well as pine cone and bird ornaments, to decorate it.
And in the opposite corner is his glittering twin! I must admit I bought two green tinsel trees this morning. Maybe next year the dining room will be all green and gold.

I mean, I would just need to lose a little red and I would already be there!
The old Deer Family made their annual appearance atop the china cabinet.
In a corner of the dining room I displayed Christmas cards. I did a bit better with mine this year, although I sent out nowhere near the amount I intended to.

The mirrors acted as good holders.
The old copy of The Night Before Christmas, more cards, and some woodland critters.
My old mercury glass reindeer stood proudly among some old and new glass ornaments beneath a large glass cloche. This was a bit of a last minute, thrown together thing, but has given me ideas for next year.

The giant white footed bowl that I always have out somewhere (because I have nowhere to store it) became a centerpiece of sorts on the brass tray coffee table.
Everything in the living room is silver and pink and red and that perfect blue of vintage ornaments. These new sisal trees, also from MarthaHoliday, are perfect fits to my Christmas collection, and I already added a few more while shopping online.
The sisal polar bears guarded this salmon and ivory poinsettia on the old Danish modern record cabinet.

More vintage glass bulbs displayed in brass candle sticks.

I found this awesome old ornament while antiquing in Fountain Square

A new ornament for 2013.

This is one of the old light bulbs from the Wolf & Dessauer Santa and His Reindeer display that Fort Wayne is still proud to celebrate every year at Christmas

Another find in Indianapolis was this perfect little gold and silver glittered bell.

It even still has it's clapper!

This is the blue I love on vintage ornaments. I knew this one would fit in with my tree!

The other, aqua and silver, jingle bell wreath.

The polar bears and sea lion were back in the bathroom, along with a Christmas cactus as in years past.
The addition of all of the green pottery from Magpie Vintage in the kitchen was wonderful! It freshens up the little feather tree that has always gone in this spot since I moved in! I was so excited when it was featured on the Martha Blog!
I was happy that this year I was prepared enough that there could be a rather impromptu gathering of friends, both new and old, on Christmas Eve eve. Jenn was an ever fashionable and wonderful co-host and organizer.

It's much easier, when there are many out-of-towners, to gather them all together in one place and have a real visit instead of running into them at the bar or grabbing a quick coffee.
All in all, it was a very busy, but very merry, Christmas. Now for the New Year!

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