Monday, December 9, 2013

Meatless Monday - Chickpea Soup with Parsley and Parm

Here it is! The final Meatless Monday soup for November! Alright, so I'm a little late. Thanksgiving totally got in the way.

As the name suggests, this soup is pretty chickpea-y, so if you don't like chickpeas, don't make it. I also think I would dice some garlic and throw that in to actually cook in the soup at the same time as you start cooking the chickpeas. This would also be the perfect soup for using up a Parmesan rind by just letting it simmer away in the soup. The recipe really couldn't be easier, and it is a quick, hearty, warm-you-up sort of soup. I, of course, used vegetable stock.

Garlic chips are totally addictive, and yes, some of my garlic had sprouts (the green centers), but whatevs.

Rinse and drain your chickpeas. Yes, you could also cook 30oz of fresh or dried, but, much like pumpkin, I think a chickpea is a chickpea is a chickpea.

Fresh from the garden! I dug around a bit while Yoda was taking her constitutional and pulled even more parsley out of the vegetable garden.

Seriously. Fried garlic. I could eat it all day long.

The chickpeas gook pretty fast and mash up really easily. After this you just throw in the stock, a cup of water, and the Parmesan rind and simmer away!

The grated Parm has totally dissolved out of sight, but the flavor was definitely still present. A pretty tasty soup with very few ingredients.

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