Monday, December 2, 2013

Meatless Monday : Vegetarian Sides

I woke up Thanksgiving morning grateful. Grateful that it only felt like I had been hit by a bus and not a train.  Too much merriment on Wednesday evening had led to not enough sleep and dehydration on Thursday morning. Thank God I had already bought/picked/prepped most everything for my contributions to dinner. All I had to do now was put it all together.

I saw this stuffing recipe (I used vegetable stock) and thought it looked tasty and a little different. I mean, canned peaches in heavy syrup? I had never bought a can of peaches in my life. The other recipe for smashed root vegetables and leeks seemed like a nice alternative to plain mashed potatoes. I must admit, however, that my mashed potatoes are almost always 1/3 parsnips already.

The best part? They both made enough for leftovers! 

Get your saute on! Celery, onions, garlic.

I had frozen parsley on hand, but the sage and thyme came fresh from the garden. I actually could have picked enough still green parsley, but I need to use what I've frozen.

Herbing things up!

Bread went into the oven, since I had no foresight for cutting it up beforehand.

I didn't chop any of the peaches up, just mixed them right in as they were.

Ready for the oven!

Once the stuffing was in the oven, I started the root vegetables boiling and began sauteing the leeks. There really was a lot of butter used, but hey, everything is fine if you eat in moderation! Right?

Didn't even need to use the potato masher, everything was so tender stirring with the wooden spoon was all that I needed to do.

So wonderful and sweet and creamy and mashy. A few people had several helpings and had no idea there were turnips and parsnips in their potatoes! A perfect side for any dinner!

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