Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Racing Against Winter

What a difference a week makes! Last Tuesday I was in the final rush to get any and all remaining bulbs in the still unfrozen ground, and a week later we had a high of 26 degrees and lows dropping to single digits. The snow is coming down outside as I write this, so I guess I did beat Old Man Winter since every bulb made it into the ground. Now we just need to wait and see what actually comes up!
The South Bed is finally cleared (mostly) and ready for planting. It wasn't actually my plan to plant bulbs here, but oh well. It will look pretty in the Spring, and I don't actually have a plan figured out for this space anyway.

60 mixed parrot tulips went in right along the front edge of the bed in no time using the bulb digger.

I've had about twenty plans for this bed now that it's cleared. It runs all along the South side of the house and could actually be made deeper. One year we planted sunflowers along here and they grew wonderfully well with the house acting as support. I was thinking we could use this for melons, but that just seems silly and a waste of space (and I may have a different plan for melons). I think maybe a mixed annual/perennial border is the best choice. And then I'm already started by planting the tulips!

Most everything we bought this year was on clearance. After the parrot tulips I had these 60 bulbs left.

As well as some daffodils that were dug accidentally somewhere in the garden.

Even though the colors don't really match, I HAD to get these things in the ground. So I just mixed them in a box and started planting them in the big bed out front. Aside from the reliable old Darwin hybrids in the Berry Patch, we usually treat tulips as annuals anyway, so we can just plant new ones next fall. 

I scraped back the mulch, grabbed the bulb digger, and really was done in no time.

When the soil cooperates, this thing really works great!

Pretty excited to see all the tulips blooming out front, despite the color mix. I've never planted them so heavily in this section, so it should look pretty either way. If a color seems really out of place, I'll just pick the flower and take it home!

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