Monday, January 14, 2013

January Garden Tour

After the little heatwave last weekend, I was eager to finish up some Garden chores that somehow slipped through the cracks before the cold settled in and snow fell. I also took a few pics of what is growing right now, both exciting and worrisome!
Let us start with these daffodils that most certainly should NOT look like this in January! They were pushing up before the snow, but I was pretty sure the snow would put them in check. The buds are up and they want to bloom. Dummies. 

This is more normal and much less disturbing. 

The Dutch Iris have sent their autumn shoots up. And the rabbits have chewed them down. Thankfully this rarely hurts the following season's blooms.
This was exciting! One of the new hellebores, 'Red Racer', is beginning to bloom!

And the big old hellebore has a ton of blooms!

This is the best year yet!
I always thought they were nicknamed "Lenten Rose", but they are also called "Christmas Rose". I wonder if they were blooming at Christmas. I've never seen them bloom this early, but maybe I just wasn't looking closely.

After being buried under snow, the Autumn ferns are still green, green, green!

What a great plant. I need to add more to the shade beds.

The mix of sedum is also rather unexpectedly vibrant for this time of year.