Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NOW It Can Snow

The heatwave and rain last weekend melted all of the snow and it felt so Springlike that I just HAD to get outside. Thankfully, Mother Nature was giving me a second chance to get burlap on the boxwood. I honestly thought I would just let it go this year. Plenty of people don't burlap their boxwood and it survives! I'm just being crazy. I don't have to do EVERYTHING Martha does! However, after that first snow I really felt that I had let the little guys down. They were almost flattened by the heavy snow, and already turning sort of brown, and they had been such great deals I couldn't replace them for as little as I paid. Besides, they are such slow growers that if any of them die it will be years before they start to sort of grow together! I mean, it will already be years, but it would be even MORE years if any die. So I grabbed the burlap, Junior, and Mom, and went to work.

I decided to attempt one long wrap job on these (a la Martha) rather than wrapping them individually. 

These rolls of burlap were really cheap when I bought them at the end of summer. They were also a very wide weave, so almost all of both rolls had to be used.
Junior, always a critic, let me know where there was a hole.
The second roll went on and it was a job well done. Snow and wind won't bend these branches and cause them to snap!
Out in the White Garden the rabbits have been busy snapping branches off of our little azalea!

The poor thing had been left defenseless! The cold, desiccating wind is also a reason to wrap this guy for the Winter.
Much better. Another slow grower, I can't stand for anything to slow him down! Damn varmints. I really need to come up with a defense plan next year.

We bent some wire to hairpin into the ground and hopefully keep anyone from crawling under. Fingers crossed!
The leftover ends of the rolls covered the larger boxwood. My tailoring does seem to get better every year.

Alright! All done! Bring on the snow! For real! We need to insulate all of the little bulbs poking their heads out of the dirt!!!