Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where Did This Button Come From?

I've needed to sew a loose button on one of my favorite shirts for a few weeks, so tonight I stopped putting it off and grabbed the shirt and my old Halston wig box that contains my rudimentary sewing kit and sat down with a needle and thread while the news was on. Thank God it wasn't a Friday night or I would sound officially pathetic. The good news is, I ended up with a new sweater! Kind of.

One, two, three, done!

Stuck the needle back in the old pincushion... 

and put the thread back in the box.

Where did this button come from? All the other extra buttons are in the little envelopes they come in. It's metal, like from a jacket or coat maybe? (Also, can my fingerprints be copied from a closeup like this?)

Then I remembered a long forgotten sweater that I believe I've even worn (shhh) with the button missing. I had no idea they were metal! Oh well. Now I have a "new" cardigan to wear AND a repaired favorite shirt. Not bad for a Thursday night.
And all my sewing stuff is back safely in my old Halston wig box.
I can sleep easy.