Monday, February 11, 2013

Only 90 More Days, Give or Take

Winter keeps playing the up and down card (drastic fluctuations in temperatures with 59 degrees one day, 12 degrees the next), but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm afraid this year two Meyer lemons may have just given up on me. They dropped their leaves (as per normal) and have since sort of withered (not normal). I decided to prune them back and continue treating them like all of the other citrus with a weekly watering and, just this week, the first very, very, very diluted feeding. All the plants received a weak feeding to sort of get their motors running. All in all everyone seems to have done well. I know, however, they are all ready to go to summer camp. 
My two Stephanotis plants have not really done anything all winter. I'm hoping a long Summer outside, either behind my window boxes or in the garden, will give them a boost.

The agaves all received a trimming of spent leaves and a watering. They are mostly ignored all winter, but they really need to get outside so they can start growing straight again.

My poor little citrus! The tall, skinny bare branch in the foreground is a Ponderosa lemon. It  is actually beginning to put out some tiny leaves, so I'm not too worried, but what about that poor little guy in the gray pot! He always loses some leaves but bounces back. This year I'm worried.

The other Ponderosa lemon, however, is setting buds! Just no rhyme or reason. I actually think part of the problem was that I waited too long to bring everyone in. Once there is a chill in the night air, many plants prepare to drop leaves and go to sleep. Citrus trees normally wouldn't do this in nature, but then there is really nothing natural about growing citrus in Indiana.
The figs are all doing absolutely wonderful. This 'Desert King' is happy as, well, a king!

The spent amaryllis blooms are all getting a trimming. I also think they will all be repotted this Summer. The little ZZ plant  (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) in the background was an impulse clearance purchase. He needs potted up still, too. 

My little Dwarf Cavendish banana tree. What a great little grower. And yes, I feel closer to the Dukes of Devonshire (and the current Dowager Duchess) for having him in my collection (they are named after the 6th Duke).

And there everyone is, the entire rag tag bunch of overwintered citrus, ferns, figs, succulents, and cacti. Only 90 more days, guys...hold tight!