Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

 A day that was supposed to be gloomy at the start was quite the opposite. Well, at least reversed. The rain waited until I was almost home. 

I finally snapped some pics of this year's Easter decorations while the church bells were ringing this morning. Windows were open wide, and the sound was lovely. A few things have been added, and many old things have been used in different ways. That's the fun of collecting! You can always change things up from year to year. And I finally got to use the old basket my friend Abigail gave me...and that Grandma Norma hated. I love it! After that it was off to Mom and Dad's for too much food and an egg hunt.

Hope you all had a wonderful day with friends and family! Happy Easter!

My Grandma said it looked like I stole this basket from a funeral. I think it's lovely.
I also love these clearance tulips. What a great color! I knew this strange old mid-century vase would work great for tulips when I found it over the summer.

The oldest blown and dyed eggs in the "collection". 
Gilded eggs in a terracotta basket beneath the faux Fra in the hallway.
The second oldest eggs.
I love Easter lilies, but haven't bought any for years. I'm going to plant them on the south side of Mom and Dad's and see if they can make it.

The newest blown out eggs look great under cake domes. Such an easy way to decorate.
And no need to dye them! All of the blown out eggs get packed into cartons to use year after year. All of these, however, I may keep out in a glass hurricane or something. I just love them.
An old covered bunny dish that I "borrowed" from my mom.
A milk glass hen dish from Abigail. 

And a milk glass Avon dish I thrifted. 
A glittery corner of the dining room.

This was found in some Christmas decorations years ago. We are pretty sure my Great-aunt Mary made it. But all of those Yoder ladies were pretty crafty, so it's hard to tell.
I "borrowed" this candy dish from my mom, as well. I always get it out at Easter for some reason.

Kitchen chickens.
Junior had a pretty successful egg hunt.

Seriously excited about Jake and the Pirates socks.

"I found another one! And ANOTHER!"

The first daffodils are blooming! They were beat down by a late freeze, but some have managed to bloom.

He might be a little spoiled, but he deserves it!