Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Arrives!

On Easter the very first flowers were beginning to bloom in the Garden, announcing that the Big Bulb Show is just around the corner!
Some of the new crocus planted in the lawn last fall.

And some of the older ones beginning to spread with multiple blooms. 

Wonderful markings.

No name. I planted 35 'Ruby Giant' crocus out here, but I don't think they have bloomed yet. Or they were incorrectly marked.

Pure white.

Over in another section of the lawn we planted a lot of 'Blue Pearl' bulbs.

Just the faintest hint of blue on the petals.

An out of focus picture of some Muscari Azureum just beginning to poke up.

A dense clump of Iris reticulata, always one of the first flowers to bloom.

Some of the earliest daffodils that I always worry about. They always seem to appear too early. The frost really hit them hard, but a few have made it. The daffodil bloom is always one of my favorite times in  the Garden!