Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Bulb Bloom Begins!

I'm in Chicago for the next few days, and the only regret I have is missing the beginning of the Bulb Bloom. It always goes by so fast! I stopped by tonight and couldn't believe how much things had changed since Tuesday, when I took these pictures. I could have either one enormous daffodil arrangement, or several small ones right now! Thankfully the temperatures are staying relatively cool, so the blooms should all hold off until I get home.

The Siberian Squill are in full bloom. Such a vibrant blue!

Some daffodils that were touched by the frost, but doing well.

And another clump ready to burst.

A bleeding heart (Dicentra) planted last fall. Unfortunately the big, old bleeding heart has yet to show any signs of life.

A new, deep red hellebore called 'Red Racer'.

Long lasting crocus in the Hydrangea Border.

Signs of life in the Peony Border!

The white 'Miss Ellen Willmott' lilac is swollen with buds! Hope we have some flowers!

The old hellebore with the unknown name. 

All the tulips Junior and I planted under the magnolia are pushing up. The magnolia, however, has very few buds. A result of last Summer's drought perhaps?

I love the tiny 'Tete-a-Tete' daffodils. They have really multiplied.

The mix of split corona daffodils are really short this year.

Out in the Cutting Garden / Berry Patch the hyacinths are beginning to bloom.

These will all be dug and relocated once the flowers fade.

The 'Red Lake' currants have a lot of new growth at the base.

And the goose berries are looking pretty good, as well!

I'm still surprised at how many allium are coming up all over the garden. This row in the Cutting Garden will be added, as well, once they are lifted after the bloom. I may plant them all in the Peony Border for a nice Spring show.