Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holy Hyacinths!!! (And Other Blooms from the Garden)

 The Bulb Bloom is underway, and it is always at this time of year that I am happy I tossed in more bulbs last Fall. I'm not sure why, but the hyacinths are blooming better than ever. Almost all of them in the (soon to be old) Cutting Garden have passed their prime, and will most likely be relocated soon. The ones I planted in a rush last fall along the perimeter of the Vegetable Garden are about to begin blooming, and I am so glad I put them in. I believe bulbs will begin to find homes in the Vegetable Garden for cutting, since peas and beans can easily be planted between them before they completely disappear. Who says a Vegetable Garden has to be all about harvesting veggies?

Here is the bounty from one foray into the Garden.

I've hit the moment in the year when I will have no need to buy flowers at the market!

Really, the hyacinths have been awesome this year. I had two large arrangements in the apartment already, as well as a sizable amount to give as a birthday surprise. This is round three!

The muscari (one of my absolute favorite flowers) are just beginning to stretch tall enough for me to pick. 
Some of the oldest narcissus in the garden. These were planted years ago by my Mom in front of the rose bed out front. They've been divided many times, and actually need to be divided again!

An interesting double and one from the border of various pink-cupped daffodils. 

More doubles and more pink/peach cups. They actually start out quite orange and fade quickly to pink.

My friend Abby gifted me this wonderful flower frog, and it has come in handy ever since.
Arranging is a snap! I decided to use an old, Mid-century pottery bowl.
Pink, white, and a yellow that has faded to cream were the most plentiful, so I used them first.
Then added the more rare colors. This dark purple 'Woodstock' hyacinth didn't get very large blooms this year, but they are still quite lovely.

The living room smells wonderful. Now what to do with the daffodils...