Thursday, May 30, 2013

Checking On the Berry Patch

Last Sunday was a wonderful day to be in the Garden. Cool temperatures meant for perfect weeding and planting weather, plus I had Junior and Izzy along to help. Junior and I handled the seeds in the Vegetable Garden, while Izzy inspected the Berry Patch.

Stomping through what will be home to strawberries. 

The currants are looking pretty good this year!

I am going to need to read up on pruning them, however. It seems like most of the new growth is currant-less, and I'm not sure if I need to prune out old growth, or just prune to shape the plants and let more light in.

The red raspberries have spread as expected, and the allium and Dutch iris will definitely need to be relocated. I may be able to move enough plants to have a second row.
One of the "wild" black raspberries.

And the golden raspberries.

It's only the second year for the 'Pixwell' gooseberries.

Will I have enough for a pie?
Just then Izzy spied something...
One of the woefully neglected and rabbit attacked blueberries is getting fruit! I have plans to move the blueberries (and plant some new ones) across the back of the Berry Patch. Half of the overgrown grass and "weed" sunflowers have been removed, so I will have space for a new rhubarb plant as well as several blueberries. Progress is slow but certain!