Thursday, August 8, 2013

Right Outside My Windows - Window Boxes 2013

Remember last June when I said it was time for Summer? Well I quickly headed out to find the ingredients for this Summer's window boxes, and couldn't be happier with my choices. A few years ago I tried to stick to black, some yellow, and chartreuse. Last year I experimented with more colors based on what I found on sale. This year I just grabbed what I liked. The yellow petunias were the most expensive petunias I've ever bought (but they have this delicate stripe that, well, you won't see in any of the pictures), but I don't care.

Glancing over from my desk is now always a pleasure.

A view from above. They are filling in and spilling out wonderfully, although one of the sweet potato vines is growing towards the window rather than trailing downward.

Glancing down at the other box. I love when they grow in enough that they can be seen from the street. Such a wonderful, bright jumble of colors.

One more look. I love these two new (to my eyes, at least) varieties of coleus, and used them to under plant the two big pots of alocasia at the entrances to the Garden, too. The hot pink and lime green are awesome, and that strange salmon color is rather unusual, but seems to fit right in. Every year I seem to have some regret about what I plant, but this year I think I hit the nail right on the head.