Friday, August 16, 2013

Mid-August Garden Update

Trying to get back to some more regular blogging, Summer is flying by and I've just been so busy I've truly been slacking. The good news is that the tomatoes are all looking better than they were in this post. It's amazing what a few weeks can do!

Anyhoo, here is a rather long post for the weekend. Hope you all have a great one!

Holy hollyhocks! These are some miniature hollyhocks with gorgeous yellow double blooms.

I still allow several Queen Anne's Lace plants to bloom, even though my mom is always weeding them out. I take them home, stick them in a vase, and think of Katharine Hepburn pulling over on the side of the highway to cut them every weekend on her way to her house in Connecticut. 

Still in love with this clematis 'Mrs. Robert Brydon'. You have to tie her up to the arbor (or let her scramble as ground cover), but she has bloomed non stop all summer.

More golden raspberries are on the way!

All of the canes have put out new blooms. We are going to have a sizable second crop!

The 'Cherokee Purple' tomato on the far right seems to have the blight and there is really no turning back now. All of the other vines, however, are much improved.

Wish I could say the same for the okra. It really was just too damp and cool, I'm afraid.

One section of mesclun has been replanted, saving room here and elsewhere for subsequent Fall planting.

Some critter took a bite out of one of the Amish paste tomatoes, which are really producing well!

The marigolds are looking bright and cheerful.

Although we did see a rabbit eating one. So much for pest deterrent being one of their positive attributes!

The 'Kentucky Wonder' pole beans are out of control and need to be picked almost every day.

Baby beans!

The zinnias are blooming at last! The move of cutting flowers from the Cutting Garden has definitely taken up some space in the Vegetable Garden, and I am working on some plans to remedy that for next year.

There are more and more reports about the danger of honey bees becoming extinct. Where were the reporters five years ago? Happily here it seems this year I've seen more bees than ever, like this one coming in for a landing on the borage.

A better look at the tomatoes. These are some just ripening 'Mortgage Lifter's.

Some 'Old German', which really seems to be one of the most prolific.

This one is called 'Pineapple' and needs to be a bit more red before ripe.

Aptly named.

These are 'Orange Russian' tomatoes almost ready to pick.

The 'Persimmon' tomato only has two tomatoes, although I do think a few more flowers are coming. The cool weather is just making everything ripen so. very. slow.

A great slicing cuke!

And some little eggplants beginning to grow up. We've harvested several nice sized ones, and now are waiting, again, on round two!