Friday, August 23, 2013

Training My Stephanotis

Last October I received my two little stephanotis floribunda plants from Logee's. They arrived as healthy little guys, packed perfectly and securely (Logee's does a wonderful job shipping plants) and this Summer they have really thrived living in the front windows of the Penthouse. The only problem is that they had completely outgrown their original stakes, which is a good thing! I want to add a variegated variety to my collection of tropicals, and perhaps I could train them on hoops. For now, however, I want these growing straight up their bamboo poles. After all, I can get 8' tall bamboo poles, and how impressive would THAT be?
The one on the left was getting leggy as it searched for something to vine around. The one on the right had simply given up and began wondering around. I absolutely love the basket weave terracotta pots I found for them!

The rambler had grown about two feet away from the stake!

New bamboo stakes were put in place, and I also topped off the pots with some gravel to make it a bit more attractive, as well as (hopefully) help with some pest control.

All wound up. I twined them up and down a bit to help conserve grow space. As I said, many people train them on a ring (which makes sense), but I think, for now, I'm going to keep them growing tall.

The other plant on it's new stake. I would love to have two tall, stately, plants on either side of the center window in the living room. They seem to like it so far, so I can only pray that they will enjoy the same spot throughout the winter. Now, perhaps, is a good time to order that variegated stephanotis and attempt to train it on hoops. I mean, I need to get the order in before the weather gets cold, after all.